Reviews and Testimonials

"Good price, perfect location, great food, and most importantly, great people: they take care of you very well not only in providing their services, but also you feel like they are your friends"

-Sumika from California       

"Where to begin? Without sounding cliche, I would say...a slice of paradise. Surf n Sol was more than I ever expected. For me, Surf n Sol was a life-altering experience and if you have the opportunity, I would say...BOOK YOUR TRIP. You'll never forget it!!!"

-Dave from Maine       

"These guys were great! Spent a week in Hanalei with them in February 2010 and had a great time - the house was beautiful and comfortable, the meals were organic, fresh, and delicious and Andrew was great about recognizing food allergies/sensitivities. These guys were attentive and fun and the trip is great for solo travelers and groups alike. Can't wait to visit them again (Oahu!)"

-Allison from Seattle       

"Had a wonderful time in Hanalei. Andrew was a wonderful host and chef. You have selected the best in all the services that were provided during our stay. Everyone was so patient, professional and fun. It was obvious that the staff enjoy their respective disciplines making the whole experience a fun memorable one."

-Maureen from California